• Banana Cream -Cream Sausage
  • Banana Cream -Cream Sausage

Banana Cream -Cream Sausage



Riikka Posted on 2 November 2020 at 20:44

Very beautiful tomato! Too mild in taste for my liking, but this is cute addition to a tomato salad. Average yield.

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Creation of Tom Wagner, USA.
Stabilized crossing of "Yellow Banana" and a "disease and cracking resistant growing line"
Marketed by various seed companies under the name "Cream Sausage".

Beautiful small yellow-white fruits with an oval / long shape. Average 40gr.

Very firm flesh with a nice mild taste.
Ideal for making sauces or salsa.

Determinate compact (75cm)  bushy shaped plants with thin and fragile regular foliage.

High yields, already in the first half of the season.

Can easily be grown in pots.

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