• Géante d'Orembourg
  • Géante d'Orembourg
  • Géante d'Orembourg
  • Géante d'Orembourg

Géante d'Orembourg

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patrick durviaux Posted on 5 September 2017 at 01:22

bonne tomate a chair fruits assez gros dans mon cas allant de 250 grs a 1kl300 plant de + de 2 mètre vigoureux bonne production

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Also known under the English name, 'Orenburg Giant'

Variety native of western Russia, also cultivated in Siberia whose Russian name is unknown.

Large fruits of more than 300 grams, red / pink with often green shoulders.

Round, flattened and more or less ribbed, becoming more deformed with the largest fruits.

Traced umbilicus tortured depression at peduncle shallow.

Fleshy pink, dense and creamy, sweet, with a bland devoid of acidity.

Indeterminate, good yields in the second half of the season.

Obtained from the Luc Fichot collection.



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