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Goat Bag

  • A rare extreme kitchen tomato
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Rare variety from the U.S.

Very large red tomatoes that resemble the udder of a goat, hence the name. The fruits are capricious heart-shaped with or without wild ribs. Average weight of 400 - 800 grams.

Very juicy beefsteak type flesh with often hollow seed chambers. Very few seeds, sometimes none.

The taste is exceptionally sweet but still contain enough acidity. A high-quality tomato to cook with.

Indeterminate growing plants with thin structure that can weirdly enough carry these XL fruits.

Good yields in total weight per plant in the second part of the season.

These seeds are rare due to the extremely low seed content.
That is why the limit is 1 package per order. This way every enthusiast and collector can stand a chance ordering these seeds.



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