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Karma Peach



P Mcallister Posted on 22 August 2022 at 00:55

Grown 2022.

Nothing like images. Unstable size, not round more beefsteak like shapes.
Dirty yellow/green colour and out of 19 varieties I’ve grown this year the most prone to splitting/ cracking again unlike description

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Recent variety from the "True North Tomato" project, the KARMA line. Developed by Karen Oliver with the help of Marsha Eisenberg (KAR + MAR = KARMA)
Cross of 'Ambrosia Gold Cherry' with 'Captain Lucky'

Round cocktail type tomatoes of about 50 grams.

Peach orange skin with red influences that intensify with maturity.

Juicy orange flesh with light pink marbling. Sweet fruity taste.

Indeterminate plants with potato foliage.

Solid yields from mid-season.

This tomato variety is well adapted to short and cooler summer areas. Strong variety, good crack resistance.

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