• Large Barred Boar
  • Large Barred Boar
  • Large Barred Boar
  • Large Barred Boar
  • Large Barred Boar
  • Large Barred Boar

Large Barred Boar

  • A semi dwarf/indeterminate, very sweet tasting tomato, only a little acidity. Red with green stripes/shoulders fruits.
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A very interesting dwarf indeterminate type, develloped by Brad Gates.
Its a real suprise that such a small plant has so much energy to produce so big sized fruits.
Tasty also, full sweetnes and few adicity. Easy to grow because they bush automaticly.
Its not a full determinate, its a kind of indeterimate dwarf bush, different to grow and experience.
Still, they can be grown supported by one or more vertical ropes to increase yield.
By pulling the plant open on several ropes the humidity is lowered inside the bush and pollination is improved. Up to 20, 30+ fruits are possible.
Cage this strain and u will lose blossoms.
Because of the low size of these plants they are ideal to plant on the outside rows of greenhouse tunnels. Do not waste high altitude spots in your greenhouse to grow this strain.
Perfect neighbour for blue tomatoes to allow much sunlight penetration.
Think strategicly iff u chose and grow Large Barred Boar.



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