• Rosella Purple Dwarf
  • Rosella Purple Dwarf

Rosella Purple Dwarf

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Part of the Dwarf Tomato Project, a recent crossing (2006) of "Budai Torpe" and "Stump of the World" by Patrina Nuske Small, Australia. Further selected and named by Craig LeHoullier. No less than 9 generations further, this dwarf strain became available to the public. This variety is therefore almost stable.

Medium sized beefsteak type fruits between 150 and 250 grams with a beautiful purple pink color, similar to Cherokee Purple.

Excellent taste, good sweet and sour balance with an intense and complex smoky aroma.

Indeterminate growing compact dwarf plants between 90 and 120 cm (3 and 4ft)

High yields starting from mid-season.


NB: for better production it is advisable to grow this variety allowing several stems. Can be grown in big pots but the yield and fruit size will be reduced.



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