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Anna Alekseevna Sedova Posted on 27 March 2018 at 07:24

Thank the seller!Fast delivery.Excellent seeds, excellent shoots.I think the harvest will be great!Very attentive seller.Recommend

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Recent variety developed by Jason Haynes, from the cross of Vintage Wine and Black Ethiopian.

Fruits of 80 to 120 grams, plum type slightly stretched in lenght with a heart-shaped tendency.

Purple psychedelic skin streaked vertically with strips of metalic green, awesome!

Juicy flesh with beautiful texture. Sweet flavor.

Vigorous plant with big development, a true liana! Potato foliage, indeterminate.

Good long and regular production from the mid-season until first frosts.

NB: does not seem completely stabilized, there may be slight variations in shape and size of the fruits.

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