• Azochka - Azoychka
  • Azochka - Azoychka
  • Azochka - Azoychka
  • Azochka - Azoychka

Azochka - Azoychka



Evert van Schaik Posted on 22 November 2022 at 12:46

Schitterende, zéér grote gele tomaten, die als ze rijp zijn, net als Shkatulka, veel weg hebben van rijpe meloen! Moet je geproefd hebben. Een favoriet!

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Heirloom from Russia, developed by Valentina Petrovna Kruglova.
In the past, this variety was also known under the name Zolotoy Borago.
The name Azochka is the nickname for the Arabic name 'Aza'. A common name in the Russian Jewish community around the 1950s.

Medium sized round / flattened yellow fruits from 200 up to 500 gr.
Variable fruit size is typical of this breed.

Excellent taste for a yellow tomato! Fruity citrus flavors with a touch of acid.

Indeterminate growing plants with moderate development, regular foliage.

Good returns around the mid-season.

Early for a yellow variety and very tasty.

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