Red Tomatoes

Red tomatoes are the most well-known type of tomatoes. You probably know this strain from your own kitchen and on your own plate. Also in the store you will often only find red tomatoes, these are the most common on our planet. Red tomatoes come in different shapes, textures and flavors. The smaller varieties, such as snack tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, turn red faster than the larger varieties, just think of the oxheart types. Red tomatoes are therefore a standard for many people, because many think that tomatoes are only 'red'. But nothing is less true. There are tomatoes in all kinds of different colors, there are also tomatoes that are orange, purple, brown, yellow, green, pink and even white. Of course, these are often more difficult to find and most people only know the red tomatoes.

From green to red tomatoes

Red tomatoes are often just ripe tomatoes. Most tomatoes have changed color to the point that they eventually turn red and then you know they are ripe and ready to pick. But there are also those that stay green. Now you are probably wondering: but how do I know that my tomato is ripe? You can know that by pressing it, then you can feel whether the red tomatoes are ripe or not. It is mainly the type of tomato that determines how long it takes for a tomato to ripen.

To get to a red tomato, the tomato must first be green mature. Only when the tomato is green, it can start to change color to a red tomato. The sweet taste and aromas are also only developed when turning from green to red. In the phase of discoloration to red tomatoes, the tomato will therefore not taste really sweet and have little aroma.

Cooking with red tomatoes

Tomatoes often find their way to our hearts in the kitchen. And rightly so. You can use tomatoes in many different dishes and prepare them in many different ways. For example, you can eat red tomatoes cold in a salad. But you can also make tomato soup with it. You can transform red tomatoes into sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, candied tomatoes, you name it. So the options are really endless. At Vertiloom we have a huge range of red tomatoes, discover it now!

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