• Dwarf Almandine
  • Dwarf Almandine
  • Dwarf Almandine

Dwarf Almandine



Bernadette Mol Posted on 23 August 2022 at 10:03

Lekker tomaatje, sappig. Smaak is even anders: zoeter dan ik van tomaten gewend ben.

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"Dwarf Tomato Project". Selected from the 'Leggy' line and named and stabilized by Susan Oliverson with the help of Craig LeHoullier, Bill Minkey and Dan Follett.

Elongated roma type tomatoes with a dark pink color. Average fruit weight 100 grams.

Very juicy for a roma type, excellent taste with very good sweet-sour balance.

Compact dwarf plants with regular foliage.

Very high yields in the second part of the season.


NB: for better production it is advisable to grow this variety allowing several stems. Can be grown in big pots but the yield and fruit size will be reduced.

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