• Dwarf Galen's Yellow
  • Dwarf Galen's Yellow

Dwarf Galen's Yellow


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"Dwarf Tomato Project". Cross between 'Galina Yellow' and 'Golden Dwarf Champion' (Plucky line) made by Ray South in 2012. Galen's Yellow is a selection by Robin Bort who worked on it together with her son Galen. This dwarf variety has therefore received his name.
Multiple people contributed to this breed, Craig LeHoullier, Patrina Nuske Small, Susan Oliverson, Melissa Fink, Rebecca Gustafson, Nicole Diana, Linda Pugh, Bill Burke, Justin Sieglaff, Georgie Montoni, Jackie Gadbois, Patricia Hippili, Suzanna Dzejachok, Steve Carey , Amber Schneck and Nick Bolkowy

Slightly flattened large golden yellow cherry tomatoes of an average of 30 grams.

Juicy flesh with a good taste, slightly sweeter than sour.

Indeterminate growing compact dwarf plants of about 1.2 m - 4ft with potato foliage.

Very productive already in the first half of the season.


NB: for better production it is advisable to grow this variety allowing several stems. Can be grown in big pots but the yield and fruit size will be reduced.

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