• Dwarf Melanie's Ballet
  • Dwarf Melanie's Ballet
  • Dwarf Melanie's Ballet

Dwarf Melanie's Ballet


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Very recent variety, produced as part of the "Dwarf Tomato Project". One of the varieties obtained from the Leggy line, a cross between "Orange Banana" and an "F2 selection from the Lazy line" (2012) by Sherry Long.
Further selection and stabilization by Susan Oliverson involving Dan Follett and Craig LeHoullier.

Pink plum-shaped fruits with an average weight of 80 to 100 gr.

Very firm pink flesh with a soft sweet taste.

Few gel and seeds.

The first sauce variety within the "Dwarf Tomato Project".

Powerful indeterminate dwarf variety of about 1.2m height, regular foliage.

Good yields in the mid season.


NB: for better production it is advisable to grow this variety allowing several stems. Can be grown in big pots but the yield and fruit size will be reduced.

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