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Granny Smith


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A special and rare green preservation type tomato.
Pick them green / yellow and they can be kept in a cool cellar for many months thereafter.
The fruit itself are not bad to eat after some months but the seeds will begin to germinate inside.
These freshborn sprouts will not get through the skin because it is so thick and strong.
In terms of flavor, this is not topnotch, it's a middle, it has fresh / sour crispy flesh.

They are strong growing plants that yield well, indeterminate.
This strain is for people who want to be self-sufficient at expert level.
These tomatoes preserve without any form of energy (fridge) for many months.

We have this strain received from Pascal Moreau in 2010 and we have continued to grow it every season.

When you search information through Google you will bump on a hybrid (F1) with the same name.
But that is not the strain we offer, ours is stable, which means that you can harvest seeds and grow back year after year like all other heirlooms.

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