• Maylor Roth's Orange (Brandywine)
  • Maylor Roth's Orange (Brandywine)

Maylor Roth's Orange (Brandywine)


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Rare Heirloom from the US. Grown for multiple generations by the Roth's family.
Also called 'Maylor Roth's Orange Brandywine' but the connection with 'Brandywine' is uncertain.
The original 'Brandywine' series has potato foliage and this one does not.

Large to very large orange beefsteak type fruits, round with ribbed flattened shoulders. Average fruit weight of 400 grams up to sometimes 1kg!

Orange beefsteak type flesh with ointment structure, very little gel and seeds.
Sweet and fruity taste.

Indeterminate growing plants with regular foliage.

Good yields, large fruits, starting from the mid season.

Strong plants, good resistance.

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