• Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire


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Capsicum annuum from USA, Texas - Mexico.

A small edible ornamental pepper with a special history.
Grows wild on the so-called Chili trails in the south of the US. In order to provide themselves, the Cowboys, with peppers during their cattle herding across the Great Plains (crosses 10 states of the US), this small compact pepper plant was specifically maintained along their well-known trails. So they always had a good source of vitamins and spice close by.

Small conical peppers that grow upright, a rarity in the Capsicum annuum group. Ripen through green and white to red.

Spicy, 70 000 SHU with a nice taste, slightly fruity.

Compact, broad plants (20 to 30 cm) with an abundance of peppers.

Beautiful and easy to grow in pots or as a border.

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