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Queen Anne

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Anna Alekseevna Sedova Posted on 27 March 2018 at 07:15

Thank the seller!Fast delivery.Excellent seeds, excellent shoots.I think the harvest will be great!Very attentive seller.Recommend

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Recent variety from Tom Wagner, cross of "Brandy stripes" and "Vintage wine".
Uncertain stability, there are variabilities in the shape of the fruits, this can be perfectly round and others of the same caliber and same color but more or less flattened and especially ribbed. This ribbing is fairly regular and occupies the upper half of the fruit.

Fruits from 120 to 300 grams, with a red color striped with green yellow / brown and pink.

Firm and very juicy flesh, multilologes containing a lot of gel and seeds.

Good tomato flavor, well balanced.

Plant with medium development +/- 1.5m - 5ft, indeterminate.

At the level of productivity opinions diverge some finding it just average others very good.



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