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capsicum annuum

Txorixero - Choricero

A traditional sweet pepper from the Basque Country (Spain-France) that is used among other things to make Pimentón powder.
These peppers are the base in the dish Sukalki, Basque stew.
These peppers are often dried and/or ground. The typical pictures of the Spanish houses with long rows of dried peppers in the kitchen or even in front of the house? there is a high chance that it is this variety.

In the early 1900s, many Basques emigrated to the US, especially to the state of Idaho. As was common at the time, they took their own seeds and culture with them. That is the source of the seeds we offer here, so not directly from the Basque Country.

Elongated horn-shaped red peppers. Even though the flesh is thin-walled, it is very juicy aromatic with a sweet rich taste

An almost unpalatable spiciness is present, you cannot taste it in most fruits.

Easy to grow, high yields.

Rare seeds, due to its authentic source.

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