• Dwarf Black Angus

Dwarf Black Angus



Lacroix C. Posted on 22 January 2022 at 16:51

Good sweet taste

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"Dwarf Tomato Project". A selection of Craig LeHoullier from the Cheerful line (cross of "Summertime Green" and "Sweet Adelaide"). Named in honor of his father-in-law, Harry Angus.

Slightly ribbed flattened beefsteak type tomatoes with an average fruit weight of 150 - 250 grams.

Purple flesh with a nice balanced taste. Slightly smoky aroma typical of "black tomatoes".

Indeterminate growing compact dwarf plants of about 1.2m - 4ft with regular foliage.

Good yields in the second part of the season.


NB: for better production it is advisable to grow this variety allowing several stems. Can be grown in big pots but the yield and fruit size will be reduced.

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